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Earn Points by Joining Our Most Valued Painter (MVP) Club! - Paint By Number Shop

Earn Points by Joining Our Most Valued Painter (MVP) Club!

When you sign up for an account with Paint By Numbers Kit Shop, you are automatically also signed up for our Most Valued Painter (MVP) Club.  By doing so, members will get the chance to earn MVP Points that translate into actual dollars that can be spent on Paint By Numbers Kit Shop.  Every 500 MVP Points gets you a $5 discount off of your next order with our store.  You can get more information or login to your existing account by clicking on the Purple “Rewards” Button on the bottom left part of the page.  Here are all the ways you can earn points: 

ActionMVP Points Earned
Sign up for an account on https://paintbynumberskit.shop200 MVP Points
Refer someone who makes a purchase using your referral link500 MVP Points (Person you referred will receive a $10 discount code)
Place an order5 MVP Points per dollar spent
Celebrate your birthday200 MVP Points
Follow us on Instagram50 MVP Points
Like us on Facebook50 MVP Points
Share us on Facebook100 MVP Points
Follow us on Twitter50 MVP Points
Share us on Twitter100 MVP Points

 Signup and start earning and saving today!

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